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Overseas Education Protection􀀂

Living in a time of unparalleled globalization, you undoubtedly wish to enable your next generation to have the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education. The available choices now cross boundaries with overseas education institutions becoming the preferred option for many families.


Protection for your child against ill-health and accident while studying in overseas institutions is surely a key concern, so a wide-ranging insurance plan that provides full protection against uncertainty is crucial. This “Overseas Education Protection” not only provides financial protection against ill-health and accident, but also against damage to property and other unexpected losses. Additionally the Plan provides 24-hour Worldwide Emergency Assistance whenever your child needs it – meaning that you can rest assured that they will be prepared for any eventualities.


Benefit Highlights

15% discount for new and all subsequent renewals

24-hour worldwide emergency assistance service

24-hour cover while studying abroad

High Medical Expenses limit up to HK$1,200,000

Amateur sports cover

Education Fund Benefit

Personal legal liability

Zero excess